Ads for issue of Friday, August 17, 2018

Pets, Animals, Agriculture - Horses & Tack

HORSE TRAILING AND Riding Lessons, with Shantell McNanee 509-254-1921.

JASON SCHAPER COLT COMPANY. Breeding, Sales, Training. 509-552-1079, Clarkston.

JIMMINY CLIPPERS, SHARPENING & REPAIR. 2334 5th Avenue, Clarkston. 509-552-9620.

HORSES NEEDED: I buy all classes of horses. I also have for sale: ranch, pleasure, 4-H, hunting and rope horses. If you want to buy, sell or trade any type of horse, call Frank Dillon, 208-743-8366, Lewiston.

31 PERFORMANCE HORSE Training, Sarah Flerchinger.. 509-751-8855, 208-790-0724, Clarkston.